Wang Chun, vice chairman of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in the UK。 

  “Shandong people have a good reputation around world。 Shandong people are sincere and dependable, and making friends with them is easy,” said Wang Chun, a native Shandong woman and vice chairman of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in the UK。

  Wang was born in Tai‘an, Shandong province and she went to the UK for studying 16 years ago。 She hoped that Shandong’s quality products can go abroad and excel on the global stage。

  Now, Wang has returned to her hometown with two master‘s degrees in electronic commerce and international business management as well as her experience in operation management。 

  She is engaging with the promotion work for the “internet plus intelligent and healthy elderly nursing”。 She wants to make her contribution to Shandong with this project which is based on the internet of things and block chain technology to provide more healthy, safe and comfortable nursing experiences for the elderly。

  “Shandong has many effective policies in elderly nursing, but it also has a lot of space to improve,” Wang said that her introducing the “internet plus intelligent and healthy elderly nursing” to Shandong has the aim of promoting its culture of filial piety and driving the development of intelligent elderly nursing。

  Wang holds expectations of the upcoming Shandong Confucian Merchants Conference。 

  “I hope I can learn more about the latest and specific policies at the conference and make friends with merchants from different industries。”