Feng Wenliang, president of Shandong General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, has lived in Thailand since 2004 and he set up Taishan International Group in 2011。 

  At present, the group covers businesses of communication engineering, developing and attracting investment for industrial parks, pharmaceutical and health care, tourism and entertainment and international trade。

  “With the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative, the operation of Shandong General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and the support from the government, the business of my company has further expanded and fostered closer cooperation with Shandong,” Feng said。

  According to Feng, Shandong is the largest tire producing province in China, accounting for more than 50 percent of the nation‘s tire production。 Rubber is the primary material for tire production while Thailand is the largest country of origin for rubber in the world。 Therefore, rubber accounts for a large proportion of the international trade between Shandong and Thailand。

  “With Shandong‘s promotion events carried out in Thailand, the country is paying more and more attention to Shandong。 At present, some enterprises in the chamber of commerce are planning to invest in sugar refinery in Shandong。”

  Feng said that Shandong is a province renowned for its economy and culture and has taken great efforts in new and old kinetic energy conversion and investment attraction。 He suggested that Shandong could further cooperate with the rest of the world。